Blow Up

I am sitting behind my computer, watching a small movie I've just compiled, and I don’t understand what has been happening to me today.

Early this afternoon, the doorbell rang. I rushed to the door, hoping that it was my Mom, but instead it was my grandmother.

“Roland, could we have a word, sweetheart? It’s about your mother: she’s in a terrible state…”. My heart cringed: this was exactly what I had been afraid of. But I opened the door to let her in .

That morning, my mother had visited me in my dorm, and by coincidence, she had found out about my bondage gear. I had forgotten to lock the Forbidden Closet, and as she was looking for a place to hang her coat, I was in the kitchen. As I returned in the room, I found her frozen, a look of disbelief on her face.

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Night at the Gymnasium

"Twenty minutes this time", Miss Grendenko announced. "I'll be back; just hang in there!" She turned away, and Ann rolled her eyes behind her back. Every time that same stupid joke! Yes, after her trainer had locked her in the LBS and doubled the damned thing up, all she could do WAS hang in there, for sure. And now, with the State championship of Gymnastics only a week away, she was secured like that every day, for a short period, to stretch and loosen up her lower back muscles.

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The Burglary

She sat like a statue, completely motionless, trying to draw as little attention as she could. Not that she was able to move much anyway, tied to the chair like she was. She could hear the two men go through the room in a unexpectedly quiet way. Sometimes they spoke to each other, in low voices, in a language she didn't understand.
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The Tutorial

It didn't take The Boar long to free himself from his wives ties. "Probably...", he thought, "... because Daphne doesn't have a dominant fiber in her entire body..."

Professor Isaac B. Forester, as his real name went, slowly rose to his knees. He padded his wife on the shoulder. "Well tried, dear, well tried..." She looked down smiling, shy as ever, and clearly happy that this part was over.
He looked over his shoulder.

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