Participation points

Perry had been over the moon as she was selected for a scholarship at the prestigious Tyson High School for technique. Even though her grades had always been superb in high school, she had been in so much trouble with the school authorities over the years that she had considered a recommendation utterly impossible. And yet, one year later, here she was! In the end, her results had outweighed her obnoxious behavior, apparently.

She loved everything about the place. The campus was great and the lessons were super interesting and exciting. She had made friends quickly and had a great social life almost from day one. But also, she was studying hard and well on her way to become one of the top students again. Everything was going great!

Everything but one thing, that is. To graduate to the next level, every student had to accumulate so-called participation points during the semesters. And she had been late to choose a subject. So where some of her friends were engaged in some form of psychological experiments or helping to construct new equipment for robotics, all that was left for her was a very different form of 'participation'.

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