New book: a stroll down memory lane

CP relieving-herself 04-21-2018
Hello again! This time, you can find updates in New, the Combipage, the Sketchpage and in Gifs. Apart from that, the short comic The Intern is coming to a conclusion, with the last two pages. Go and find out what the intern has in store for Mrs. Prentiss, and why she has been institutionalized in the first place.
Also, there is a new book in the shop, which centers on Coco's very early work; drawings made sometimes as long ago as over 45 years.

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A new page

CP 07-r 04-03-2018
Hi there! For every artist, I'm sure all of you will agree, inspiration is vital. Sure, the technique is important also, but without any thoughts about what you want to put on paper, it won't get you very far, whereas I have seen examples of artists with limited technique putting out incredibly powerful, moving art. Now most of the time, I get my inspiration from everywhere. Newspapers, TV, comics, other sites, everyday life, they all contribute in different ways to my imagination. It can be the way someone is standing while having a conversation. Or the way a comic book page is developed. Or a great bondage scene in some mainstream comic. Most of the time, it will work like that for me.
But at times, I have run out of ideas. What I do then, most often, is rummaging through some of my older work. First of all, that gets me in the mood real fast most of the time. It is like some memory base is tapped into; you remember the excitement you were feeling while working on this piece or that. And secondly, I get to take an old idea, dust it off and do a fresh take on it. This almost always turns out to be only a partial adaptation of the old work, and I don't even think that people seeing my work will even recognize the connection.

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Art of Coco three

CP 000_27 03-22-2018
Welcome! We have a new book in our anthology series: the Art of Coco 3, otherwise known as Gefesselt und Forgeführt, because all the pages are coming with small text fragments, in both English and German. Being published for the first time in the year 2000, this book has been out of print for a very long time. But now here it is again, as an E-book, ready for downloading! Get a taste of what it is offering below, and go check it out in our shop.Furthermore, there are updates in New, the Sketchpage and the GIF's. And there is a new short story under New.
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