Celebrating Bishop 23

CP disorientated 01-25-2018
This piece of Bishop highlights two of his strongest points at once. It is, of course, a portrait but unlike some of his other drawings featuring faces, it is not about the girl. Whereas in other portraits you will see all kinds of emotions, varying from fear to anger, from surprise to lust, here the facial expression could be characterized as resigned, uninterested even.
No, in this drawing all our attention is drawn purposefully towards the gag. It is almost like a page for a catalog (like the one he did for Centurion, many years prior to this work), but it is not: it is from Bishop on bondage II, and therefore meant as a stand-alone drawing.

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Authority and impotence

CP jailed-free-pic 01-11-2018
WELCOME! Welcome to this first update in the new year! First of all, a word from Coco on an update in New.

Hello everyone! In New, you can find an update with a little bit of a back story. It is the revisiting of a figure which I have used quite often over the years. It is the very heavy, older distinguished woman, the matron. This time it is a re-visit to her stuck in the same contraption I used seven years ago, and prior to that, for the first time fifteen years ago. You can find a tripych of all three of them in New, too. To be frank, I have always thought that the inspiration for these heavy set characters came from the work of Saudelli, and yet, I had some doubt at the same time. And now, lately I discovered an old Spiderman comic in my collection and all was revealed. There, on the cover was a figure that had immediately fascinated me. It was side character that was invented and drawn by Sal Buscema; and she was an attorney for Joe Robertson, editor of the Daily Buggle.

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Last update!

CP cover-1 12-30-2017
Hello everyone! Welcome to this last update of 2017! You can find updates in New, the Sketchpage and the Luna page. Also, there is a new story in Short Stories, under New. And in the shop we present Coco's second album: The Art of Coco. This book was first published in 2001, and has been sold out for a long, long time. But now it is available again, as an E book; go check it out!

CBAP wants to wish all members, past and present, and all visitors a very happy New Year. See you all in 2018!

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