About the Shop

  • In our shop you will find the finest collection of drawings by Coco: New work, Antologies, Comics and pdf files of his old (printed) work. The books are all in PDF format for which you need to have a PDF viewer (Acrobat or Foxit are good free examples).
  • You can pay with PayPal. Just add your choice to the cart and click on Check Out. You wil then submitted to a page where you can pay. You will get a link where you can download your book. You will also receive an email with the link.
  • The link will be valid for 3 downloads within 12 hours.


  • You can download Short Comics 3 for free for an example of a PDF book!


  • If you spent more than $25 you will get a disccount of 10%. How ?  Just fill in the word "discount" at the checkout page.


  • Whenever you see a big 'A' on the cover of a book that means it's an Anthology, a collection of previous published work, which can be found on the site too, but now grouped around a common theme.