First class

Frankly, Meredith was quite surprised that she had gotten the job. She was just a novice, having had only two appointments up until now, but all the other more experienced women had reclined. They had however told her the way things were going to roll with this guy, and that had puzzled her even more. It seemed like a piece of cake. And it paid really well, far above average. What was the catch?

She had turned up just like he had requested. No excessive make-up, and in plain clothes. Now she did understand why that would have put the others off. As a newbie, she hadn't developed that double identity on which they so heavily relied on. Going in more or less as a 'civilian' didn't bother her that much, yet. When the time came she did introduce herself with her stage name, though.

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Bondage card

There were only three cards left, and none of them would present her with an easy way out, Linda knew. With a perfect feeling for the dramatics, Peter let his right hand hovering over the cards, touching the outer right one for a moment, then drawing back again...

"Oh come on, what do you need: a drum roll? Just pick one already!"

She just wanted to be done with it but he wasn't about to be hurried into making his choice. Now he touched the middle one, already lifting it slightly... Only to switch at the last moment and picking up the right one. Still shielding it from view, he looked down in his hands.

"Oh, you're not going to like this!"

He finally flipped the card so they could read what it said. It was a bondage card and it said: Chair tie! Frankly, Linda felt a little relieved. At least it wasn't a strip card. The others reacted in different ways. Ben and Theo made no effort to hide their satisfaction, standing there with beaming smiles on their faces. She had heard Louise winch as soon as the card was turned, in female solidarity. Linda glanced at her husband who wisely showed a blank expression.

But no, she didn't feel too bad about it. They had been playing these games for years and she knew she would be perfectly safe. And apart from that: it was already clear what the procedure would be, for the most part. Like always, the final loser of the evening's games, a.k.a. she herself, would have to fulfill whatever was on the card. A small series of pictures would be taken, and those would be mailed around to every member of the club so that everyone could compile his or her favorite collection. The only thing that caused a little anxiety was not knowing how she was going to be tied up.

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City Fixers: the stakes go up!

From Small Screen Cinematics:

City Fixers: the stakes go up!

The first season of City Fixers could be qualified as a mild success. The series about detectives Patton and McAllen had a steady rating of around 60% all through the season. Nothing to sneeze on for the first run of a fairly conventional buddy-cop series. But with the streaming of episode one from season two, the ratings went through the roof, reaching as high as 93%!

At the beginning of the episode, we start in a dark, seemingly empty room. We're in a basement or an abandoned house, apparently. Far away, on the left side of the screen, we can see something hanging from the ceiling, an oblong form. It's moving slightly and as the camera nears we start hearing muffled noises, grunting and heavy breathing. And then all of a sudden the lights come on, and despite the bizarre situation, the faithful followers of the show will instantly recognize her!

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Miss Penn inspects Walker Island

As a senior investigator in the inspection services, June Penn was used to people making her wait. And she understood. No organization, government, or otherwise liked it when she came snooping around. Nobody liked to be judged or criticized, and unfortunately, that was a huge part of her job.

Forty minutes late, the head of operations entered the room.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Miss Penn: we have a lot on our plates these days. Now let me see... you have a couple of questions about..."

He sat down behind the large metal desk, rummaging through some pages. After apparently not finding what he was looking for, he threw the pages down and leaned back in his chair.

"First of all, Miss Penn, I have to admit that I am... surprised, for lack of a stronger term, by your visit. Our facilities here on Walker Island are supposed to be off the radar, for any service save for the president."

She didn't respond. The paperwork was solid. She knew it, he knew it: this was all some inauthentic blusterring.

"Anyway, I was told you have visited our Wet wing, and that you had some questions about tank D... Now what..."

"There were five women floating around in that tank, wearing breathing devices, and within every few seconds, their bodies were convulsing like crazy! At first, I thought there was some sort of electricity shot through the water..."

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