Drone attack

At 2.15 in the morning, he parked the van in the parking lot at the back of the hotel. Hotels were a good hunting ground. He dimmed the lights and got out of the driver's seat. In the back of the van, he switched on the screens and sat down. He studied the surroundings, using his car cams. Nothing moved. He opened the top hatch and sent the drone up. As he went to visuals he saw it climbing higher and higher, until it had reached roof level. He sent it over the hotel, to a position above the facade and let it hover for a while.

As he waited for another minute, the familiar excitement began to grow! What would he be able to harvest tonight?! In any case, he would have to be on edge, able to navigate fast and swiftly. Because although he had cloaked the address of the drone pretty well, there was always the probability of some guy shooting it down on sight.

Most of the time, it had to be an operation of a few minutes, tops. He would always analyze the footage later on, and a couple of times he had hit the jackpot. He had captured some undressing scenes and some after-shower ones. On top of that a whole lot of intercourse scenarios, and somewhere in July last year a complete orgy!

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Like father like son, part three

By Knudemanden

Mom was again standing in the basement. But this time, I was in control. I slapped her. If I hadn’t had a hard-on already, that slap surely would have given me one.

- Where do you keep the equipment?

- It’s … it’s in that drawer, mom stammered while making an attempt of pointing with her hand from behind her back. I pulled out the drawer. It contained everything you would need for a merry evening: Rope, handcuffs, rolls of duct tape, ball-gags. I liked what I had seen previously, so I picked up a roll of black duct tape. I cut off a suitable piece and placed it over mom’s eyes. But when I was about to cut off another piece for her mouth, I came to think of the ball-gags. I wanted mom to chew on one of those!

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Tricked and trapped

Caldera waited. It took two minutes. Then she heard the noises: things falling, quick footsteps accompanied by some choking sound. She peeked through the small window in the door. The room was empty, with a chair thrown over, and the remnants of the spiked supper still on the table. As she entered and proceeded to the corridor at the far side she could hear the female guard throwing up in the distance. This would give her a minute or two, she figured.

There were five doors, all to the left. She went straight for the fourth and punched in the code. Immediately the door sprang open, giving her entrance to the baren concrete cell. Valerie was in the center of the box. Standing: there wasn't anything to sit on. Her hands were cuffed behind her back.

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Like father like son, by Knudemanden


- Mom, I came home early from the bath yesterday, and I guess I saw something that I wasn’t supposed to discover.

She hesitated for a moment. Then she said:

- Oh! you mean that you saw … us?

- Yup!

- Well, that was kind of a mishap. But you’re not a kid anymore, so you shouldn’t become alarmed by discovering that middle-aged people have a sex life too. Even parents.

- Well, I had one or two surprises.

Mom shrugged her shoulders.

- A little swinging has never harmed anyone. Your uncle has always had a weak spot for me. And that my lively sister has made an impression upon your dad is hardly surprising.

- I was rather referring to the kinky stuff.

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