A star is re-born

It has been seventeen years since seven-time Miss Titanium winner Felicia Stone moved into acting, starring in the Allen Smithee movie: Under control. The film didn't last long in theaters, and the sequel: Still under Control went straight to DVD. But now, after all these times, Felicia Stone is returning in a third movie, which will be released in cinemas and on DVD simultaneously. And Ladies Muscle magazine sent Andrea Horn for an interview and a reunion with the bodybuilding legend.

"So, what made you want to return to this role after seventeen years?"

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Mystery kidnap

The hood had come off but Loraine still couldn't see. It was completely dark. She couldn't even estimate the size of the room. But at least she could breathe freely now. Again, she tried to free herself from the cuffs, with small quick jerks. In vain. Then, a few feet away it seemed, she heard a few clicks, followed by a zooming sound, and she felt the crotch belt tighten. That intolerable embarrassing piece of leather, running from the front of the corset down between her thighs and up again through her bottom, was pulled even higher. The zooming stopped, and she was left forced to stand on her toes, fighting to keep her balance.

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Hired for Nostalgia

The client had requested that they would arrive in character at the location. This was nothing new: it happened frequently. And the agency had different ways of handling such requests. For instance: if the session would require child role-playing, it would be denied. The women would never be sent out in public wearing school uniforms, with their hair in ponytails and such. When fetish clothing was the issue, it was left up to the ladies themselves. Some of them would never do it, others loved to show off. But in this case, the request was granted without any problems, although it was of a unique nature. So unique even that the wardrobe department, which was quite extensive, couldn't provide it. Some new garments had to be purchased, along with a few gadgets.

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The price of life (part two)

"How-how many left?" she stammered after he pulled the penis gag from her drooling mouth. She was panting heavily and her hips were still jerking back and forth with irregular intervals even after he had turned the damned thing off.


"Shoots, you mean?" he asked, unbuckling her collar. "Just one more... And you will be relieved to know that there will be no vibrating gadgets involved. It will be more of a fashion thing, with you sporting a fancy single glove."

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