The pole-challenge

"So Thomas: when did these feelings first become manifest? Do you remember?"

Oh, he remembered it all too well! It had been at a party of Paul, one of his classmates,in summertime. At ten years old, he had been the youngest boy in the room. He had skipped two years in school, being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, and all his friends were three, sometimes four years older.


It had been a great afternoon. The boys had stayed inside, playing Nintendo and PlayStation games. There were drinks and the video was playing music clips. The girls had gathered outside, in the garden, also drinking and having fun. They were dancing to the music from a large ghettoblaster. At first, he had thought he would never forget this day because he had had his first beer, then and there! But things would turn out differently.

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Financial security

Abby tried to avoid looking at the grown-ups at all costs, sitting with her back to the rest of the scenery. Yet she knew she was never going to un-see this image of her grandfather. It had been imprinted on her memory forever as she glanced around the room after she was hurled into it.
Her father seemed to be the most annoyed with the situation, she thought, judging from his muffled noises. He was furious: sounded as if he was on the verge of crying! She could hear the creaking and squeaking of the rubber bodysuit as he was trying to free himself.

The door opened again, and this time... it was her mom who entered. Pushed forward, nearly stumbling over on a pair of absurd high heels, she ended up standing next to her father as the door slammed shut again. Abby's heart sank: now there would be nobody left to call the cops! Their mother had been her last hope. She quickly turned her head back to the blank wall again. Behind her, she could hear her dad go ballistic now, roaring like a madman. And she couldn't even cover her ears, being trapped in this rubber blow up... thing! Why was this happening to them? Who were these boys? And what did they want?

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The donor

After twelve years they were still very much in love. For eight years now they had been running their law firm, with ever-growing success. After the wedding, they had settled down in Russian Hill, in a luxurious apartment. It was expensive and they both had to work very hard to afford it but still, life could not have been better. That is to say, except for one aspect.

They were both in their thirties, and the biological clock was ticking. They had known they would like to have children from day one, but now time had caught up with them, so it seemed. So, with this urgency in mind, a plan had to be constructed.

Irene had been with men in her younger years before she discovered true love. But they agreed that Margaret should be the bearer of the child, being three years younger. This had been an issue because they had also decided that it would have to be a natural process. Away from experts, clinics, and hospitals as much as possible! And of course, this made choosing the father to be a very sensitive issue. Sensitive, but not difficult.

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Not what she expected

After numerous inquiries about her work in erotic photography, Agnes finally invited her mother to come over and visit one of her shoots.

As Mrs. Healy parked her car behind the studio downtown, she was wondering what she would encounter inside. She imagined pretty girls in beautiful lingerie, or maybe even nude, in high heels. Like the ones in those glamor magazines, her daughter used to work for. But nothing could have prepared her for the spectacle she was about to witness a few minutes later.


"Hold still, Karl!"

Her daughter sounded irritated, and the man obeyed instantly!

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