3D Ch.

Leaving the lady of the house all trussed up, and with the large girl naked and out of it on the floor, he went around the house according to his usual routine. A lot of jewelry, disappointingly little cash (but hey: in these days), and a few cryptic safe-words, to be studied later.

He went down the stairs again, ready to take his leave. As he passed the living room door he heard a voice.

"Get up... get up! He could be back here any second!"

The lady of the house obviously, in a low voice. Amused, he decided to stay a little longer...

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The fall

Without anyone noticing it, things progressively were getting worse. He still would entertain himself by orchestrating scenes with his parents, but they would become more and more extreme. Whereas in the old days he would be interested in them masturbating until they went insane, now it would be more about wrestling, violence, and strangulation even. All rounded off with a little sleep, and the wiping of their memory.

At the same time, his parents couldn't understand why they weren't able to keep any au pair for longer than a month. Sometimes they would resign even after a few days, always declaring that their son had been a joy to watch over, but they had received a much better offer elsewhere. And they really believed it, he would have seen to that. One would have been more fun to play with than the other, that was all.
In the end, they all left the mansion safe and sound.

Until this night.

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The mole

Of course, she had been nervous. In all her seven years at the Agency, she had never been summoned to the 24th floor.
And she had had no idea what it would be about. Had she made a terrible mistake? If things had evolved to this level, it would have to be at least a question of life and death.

"Miss Sutton, you have been with the Agency now for seven months, correct?"

"Yes Sir. Seven months and thirteen days to be exact."

"I see. Now tell me: how would you describe your relationship with your direct superior?"

"With Mrs. Rahmawati? I think we have a very good working relationship. She is strict but fair, we share a sense of humor, and I think she trusts me to do the job. And sometimes, a little bit more..!"

"Could you elaborate on that, Miss Sutton?"

"Sir... I don't know... I don't want to cause trouble for Mrs. Rahmawati. Or for myself..."

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The Rookie

Constance stood quietly, leaning against the back wall of the cell, regarding her younger colleague. Good heaven, that girl had so much to learn yet! All that thrashing about, the fighting and squirming would get her nowhere. These straight jackets were well-known to be inescapable. If she had paid attention in class during the lessons about restraints she would have known that and, possibly, saved her energy.

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