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Here at Coco Bondage Art Productions you can find 4000 pages of bondage art on line, and a shop where you can buy various e-books on the subject!



On the site, members will find work from COCO that has accumulated for over more then four decades, from very early efforts in his teens, to the publications in Harmony Communications/ Concepts! There are the infamous Lenoir illustrations, there is a special section, BBB, which is solely dedicated to female bodybuilders in bondage! The Workfloor section, where you get to look over COCO's shoulder, and learn how ideas evolve, see how sketches grow into mature pages! AND we have comics, tons of them, with albums ranging from just as short as six pages, up to over a hundred, and everything in between!


Furthermore, Cocoproductions offers a shop, freely accessible; you don't have to be a member, where you can buy our E-books, and posters. To name just a few book titles: The Debt (black and white,over 90 pages), The Catalogue, (over twenty pages, full color), the Anthology Series, with titles such as Black women in bondage vol.1, and Women in straight jacket vol. 1! Also, introducing the thrilling adventures of PI Juno Hawke, as well as a compilation of Five Short Stories, both written by Jason McMasters and illustrated by COCO!


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