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CP bb-sybian
Welcome back to our site! This time, we have updates in New, the Sketch page, the Black and Whites, the Gifs, and the Luna page. And there are two more pages of the latest mini-comic, also under New. (We are still working on repairing our infrastructure and getting them to the new comics section, but we didn't want you to be deprived of these pages for so long)

I know: I promised you three new comic pages. Unfortunately, life got in the way a little bit. But on the bright side: this comic isn't going to be confined to the usual six pages. It is going to be larger, so you will have more to look out for and hopefully enjoy!

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CP 010_0 11-20-2022
Hello everyone! Welcome back! There are two new drawings in New, as well as a new short story. One of those drawings is a follow-up to one of the Fetish fortress covers I did: see if you can find out which one. The other one is a new cover in the same line. Apart from that, there are updates in the Combipage, the Sketchpage, and Black and White. And there are three new Gifs. We hope you will enjoy them all. Until next time,

PS In case you're wondering: I am still working on the next three pages of the 'Tell us what to do comic'. Watch out for those in the next update!


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