The flow

CP md-6-cover 08-09-2019
Lately, I was going through some of my very old work, and after a few minutes, I turned into that young highschool boy, so delighted with his newfound passion that the drawings kept just coming, one after the other, non-stop. I was in an automatic flow, and I could hardly stop drawing.

Now, these were simple pencil drawings, and they really weren't any good at all, but for me it was enormously satisfying to be able, one way or the other, to make my ideas and desires real, at least on paper.

Later on, as I became a professional, I sometimes found myself looking for that exact same flow. I found it, most of the time, and throughout the first say, twenty five years of my career, I never had a problem coming up with ideas, and putting them to paper in a reasonable tempo. Also, I started to get deadlines, which also really helped.

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Different views

CP 111 07-24-2019

Hello again,

From time to time, an interview with Robert Bishop comes to my mind, in which he talked about differences of opinion he would have with Geoffrey Merrick, with whom he was collaborating at one time. The differences concentrated on the form of bondage Merrick would dream up in his writing, which Bishop would have to illustrate later on.

If I remember correctly, it was the writer's preference to keep things as simple as possible, having the victim stand in a languid pose, completely free save for one wrist handcuffed to an upright pole or something like that. Bishop, on the other hand, would like to use as many as gadgets as he could think of, and have her entire body lashed onto the pole from head to toes, "...if you really had to have the damned thing!"

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Best of…

CP 000_36 06-24-2019
Hello again! First of all, we have a new Anthology out. It has become a tradition over here at CBAP to bring out a collection of the finest pieces produced over a year in the series "The best of..." Here is The best of 2018; go and have a look!
Furthermore, there are updates in New (two of them), in the Sketch page and the Combi page. And there is a new (very) short story under New!
Until next time,

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CP cube-revised 06-07-2019

Hi there! About a year ago, late in the evening, I missed my train and I had to wait forty minutes for the next one. So I took out my phone, typed in 'Bondage' and started to scroll. After a few minutes, I came across a video that immediately grabbed my interest. It was one of those real-time bondage scenes, in which you follow the tieing up from beginning to end.

It featured a stunning model, with long dark hair and beautiful, sharp features. And fantastic legs with great calves.
She was sitting perched on a high wooden stool, and a guy was busy tying her arms behind her, rather tight, elbows touching, which made her sit even more rigid. What made the scene even more fascinating was that she underwent everything rather stoic. I downloaded it.

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