Some sad news

CPMy dear friends,
I have been putting this off for a while, but now I'll have to do it. Last year ended on a very sad note for me and my wife, as one of our very best friends passed away, leaving behind his wife, two children, and four grandchildren. We started as neighbours, but soon became befriended, and J. has been a very close friend to me for over 35 years.

Some twenty odd years ago, J. also became my webmaster, building me my very first website.
Up until then, I had still worked for the printed media, for different publishers. But it became appearent that that market was closing down fast with the emergance of the internet.

A few years on he built me a second site that worked better and faster, the one you're still visiting today. Unfortunately, with his passing, it seems inevitable that somewhere along the way problems will arise that I will not be able to parry. I will keep the site on air for as long as I can, but I'm afraid that this may be the beginning of the end, and I'm going to look for other ways to present my work. I'll keep you posted on the developments.

I'll miss J. for many other reasons though, and in this respect the site is merely an afterthought.


Updates in New, the Black and White page, the Combi page and the Sketchpage. And there are three new Gifs. Until next time,


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