Re-visiting Bishop

CP pool 06-14-2024
Welcome back!
We have updates in New, Black and White, the Sketch page and the Combi-page. Thee are also three new Gifs, and there is a new short story under New. Furthermore we have decided to bring back an old feature: Celebrating Bishop.

Hi everyone! Even though Robert Bishop passed away over thirty years ago, he still remains a huge influence on me and my work, and I have decided that I'm not done singing his praise! So after a couple of years, we're picking up with Celebrating Bishop anew!


Celebrating Bishop anew 1

This time I have chosen a work from his pre-airbrush period. It's from his second album, which is a real step forward in comparison to the first one. The fun thing is, I got them in reverse. The second album was my very first confrontation with Bishop's work, and I was blown away!
I purchased it in an ordinary newspaper stand, by the way. Yes, the seventies were a different time: I'm telling you.
Anyway, like I said, I was floored by his art, and a few years later, when I finally found the first book I was a bit disappointed. Not very much, mind you. Because the brilliance was absolutely already there. It is just the fact that in number two everything has become so much more tight and precise. More neat if you will.

Now to the piece at hand. It is a terrific pose, of course. And very rigid too, due to the use of bars instead of simple rope. The backward bend puts a prominent emphasis on both the crotch and the chest area. She is presenting herself on a silver platter.

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