Mother in stocks

CP motheris-1 10-14-2020
Hello everyone! A returning narrative in my work is that of two boys who convince the mother of one of them to help them test some sort of bondage entrapment. One day I'll do a thorough investigation as to how far back in my history it occurs, but for now, I'll just show you a few random drawings from decades ago.

Of course, this all culminated in the story The Catalogue, where I finally decided to work the whole thing out, adding a sister and another lady-friend to the cast. This has been published as a complete comic, and it is one of our best selling e-books.


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Rare Public art update

CP 000_41 08-26-2020
Hello everyone! This time, there is a rare update in the section Public art. I am excited about that because I thought I didn't have that image anymore. The funny thing is that it checks a few boxes: it's a lost and found piece, it is an 'public art' piece but it's also a bondage drawing. It is a pencil drawing, and it was made in the early eighties as part of a series of larger drawings I was working at at the time. A friend of mine had been modeling for me, and while most of the poses were mainstream, so to speak, we also did a few bondage ones. All the drawings were made for an exhibition, and the reason I thought I didn't have the image anymore was that this one was sold, together with a couple of others. But it turned out I did make a small copy of it after all. I hope you'll like it.


Updates in Gif's, New, Public art, the Sketch page and the Combi page. Also, there are two new books in the shop: The best of 2019, and Duct taped. Go have a look!


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