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CP blue-dress 09-26-2019
Welcome back! In New, there is a piece that is technically speaking a combination page, but as 95% of it is new, we decided to publish it there. (See if you can find that other 5%) There are also some real combi's in that section. Also updates in the Sketchpage and the Gif's. And there is a new short story under New, wherein we revisit Mrs. Davis and Gerald, from the 'Late career move' book. Check out how that relationship has progressed (and there's more to come).
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CP 019_0
Hi there, welcome back! This time there is a new drawing under New in which I have tried to do something that I seldom do. You see, a lot of my favorite artist like Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri, have their pencils polished up and refined by inkers before they go to the colorist. Nowadays, inking has become a profession on its own (decades ago it was more usual for artists to ink their own work), and so, Jim Lee, for instance, has formed a team with the brilliant inker Scott Williams for many many years.

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Early triggers

08-23-2019 straightjacketted-red_0
Hi there everyone! I think I must have been something like twelve years old, maybe thirteen when I was reading these very old Flash Gordon albums. They were from the 1930s, beautifully drawn by Alex Raymond, in a kind of cinematic style. At my age at that time, the main attraction of the books was, of course, the abundance of scantily clad beautiful women. But it was also the time in which my BDSM feelings started to develop more and more.
dale Though I had had those frankly for as long as I can remember, they started to become more manifest, more focused, even though I still didn't have clue that other people had the same feelings, that there was a name for it etc. I just experienced a special tingling as I came across the image of Dale, stripped and tied to a wall.

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The flow

CP md-6-cover 08-09-2019
Lately, I was going through some of my very old work, and after a few minutes, I turned into that young highschool boy, so delighted with his newfound passion that the drawings kept just coming, one after the other, non-stop. I was in an automatic flow, and I could hardly stop drawing.

Now, these were simple pencil drawings, and they really weren't any good at all, but for me it was enormously satisfying to be able, one way or the other, to make my ideas and desires real, at least on paper.

Later on, as I became a professional, I sometimes found myself looking for that exact same flow. I found it, most of the time, and throughout the first say, twenty five years of my career, I never had a problem coming up with ideas, and putting them to paper in a reasonable tempo. Also, I started to get deadlines, which also really helped.

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