Too weak

Two levels above her, the party was going along fine. She was sure her supposed target for the evening was having a great time, knowing that his safety was secured.

Kathy O'Connor wasn't happy. This whole mission had gone south from the very start. As soon as she had gotten out of the limo, and made her way up the broad marble steps, these three gorilla's had come for her. She had no idea how or why, but they had seen straight through her; her cover had been worthless.

They had frog-marched her downstairs, through a large kitchen, full of busy personal, curiously watching the four of them. After that, in a dim corridor, they stopped by what seemed to be a very low, wooden door in the left wall. One of the guards squatted down and opened it. He proceeded to crawl through it, barely fitting through. As soon as he had made it, one of the other two just gestured, not even trying to hide his excitement. Disgusted, she dropped to her knees and started to crawl, well aware of the spectacle she was presenting, in that damned, short golden evening dress.

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Quietly, the black van made its way through the busy traffic, away from the city center. In the back, Beatrix never stopped bellowing into the thick huge leather gag covering her lower face.

Her jogging pants had gone out of the window minutes ago, leaving her completely exposed and vulnerable. The three men were taking turns in specifically holding her down and feeling her up. There were constantly six hands on her naked lower body, pushing, groping, kneading. The whole time, fingers were sliding in and out of her, both front and back.

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First prize catalogue

"Now, for these last ones, could you please drop your head a little? Give me a bit of an embarrassed look? Thank you: that's perfect! Just hold it!"

Peter had known Mrs. Winter for the longer part of his life, her being the mother of his best friend since childhood, Frank Winter. He remembered her catering to them, as they were playing Play Station games, over at Frank's house. Also, she had been a teacher for his girlfriend Bianca, at the Gymnastics club of the town. And although he should have gotten used to it by now, the current situation still felt weird to him. Weird and inappropriate.

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Muscle Bunny

She parked the car and got out. This was a rough neighborhood, some would even say the worst in town, but Maria felt right at home, being born and raised there. Still, it was with a heavy heart that she made her way to the dojo. She sure as hell was NOT going to enjoy this. But she had given her word, and around here your word was as good as any currency. There would be no way out.

As she entered the mat, Billy had been waiting for her, the other boys cheering him on. He was big for his age, and strong, she knew, almost as strong as her. But still, he wouldn't last more than two rounds, she had figured. He would not be able to stand up to her twenty years of experience, having started wrestling only eight months before. He was going to lose, and she had almost felt sorry for him, knowing the consequenses. But then again, in the end, it all was just for fun, and they weren't going to really hurt him.

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