Anger management

So Alyiah, I really think we're finally making some progress here. Today you have managed to contain yourself beautifully so far, and that's a big step in the right direction.


Because two months ago... let me see... it says here that our conversation was going along fine, like today, but when I pulled your pants oh yes, here it is: although your wrists were cuffed to your waist, it took three men to finally sedate you and return you to your room. Talk about a rocky start, huh?

Ok, fast forward to four weeks laterrrrr... You really seemed to have learned your lesson, which was good. Again, the talks went very well...blah-blah-blah...
And it seems I had five men standing by for the pants scene, but this time you kept it together, which was no small feat. I mean, I can't imagine what it must have felt like, standing there with those huge buttocks of yours out there for all to see, in front of six men.

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A different kind of bondage

As they had both stripped down to their underwear, Tessa took a selfie and started the introduction.

"Welcome back to Scantically Clad Bondage Challenges! Today, we're having another great scene for you, featuring the fierce, fearless Fiona!"

She penned to her friend, who stood there, smiling sheepishly. Fiona was anything but fierce and fearless. All she always did was following Tessa's lead. And having fun, most of the time. And making a little profit in the progress: their little website now sported over fifty members. For two girls in their first year in college, that was significant money.

"And now, we're going for the interview! Fearless Fiona: have you ever done in-line skating?!"
"No, I'm afraid not..."

That, of course, was the truth, and Tessa would have known that fully well. Fiona liked running, and that was it. No sports whatsoever besides that.

"That's great because now I want you to put on THESE!"

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Too weak

Two levels above her, the party was going along fine. She was sure her supposed target for the evening was having a great time, knowing that his safety was secured.

Kathy O'Connor wasn't happy. This whole mission had gone south from the very start. As soon as she had gotten out of the limo, and made her way up the broad marble steps, these three gorilla's had come for her. She had no idea how or why, but they had seen straight through her; her cover had been worthless.

They had frog-marched her downstairs, through a large kitchen, full of busy personal, curiously watching the four of them. After that, in a dim corridor, they stopped by what seemed to be a very low, wooden door in the left wall. One of the guards squatted down and opened it. He proceeded to crawl through it, barely fitting through. As soon as he had made it, one of the other two just gestured, not even trying to hide his excitement. Disgusted, she dropped to her knees and started to crawl, well aware of the spectacle she was presenting, in that damned, short golden evening dress.

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Quietly, the black van made its way through the busy traffic, away from the city center. In the back, Beatrix never stopped bellowing into the thick huge leather gag covering her lower face.

Her jogging pants had gone out of the window minutes ago, leaving her completely exposed and vulnerable. The three men were taking turns in specifically holding her down and feeling her up. There were constantly six hands on her naked lower body, pushing, groping, kneading. The whole time, fingers were sliding in and out of her, both front and back.

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