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CP 000_36 06-24-2019
Hello again! First of all, we have a new Anthology out. It has become a tradition over here at CBAP to bring out a collection of the finest pieces produced over a year in the series "The best of..." Here is The best of 2018; go and have a look!
Furthermore, there are updates in New (two of them), in the Sketch page and the Combi page. And there is a new (very) short story under New!
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CP cube-revised 06-07-2019

Hi there! About a year ago, late in the evening, I missed my train and I had to wait forty minutes for the next one. So I took out my phone, typed in 'Bondage' and started to scroll. After a few minutes, I came across a video that immediately grabbed my interest. It was one of those real-time bondage scenes, in which you follow the tieing up from beginning to end.

It featured a stunning model, with long dark hair and beautiful, sharp features. And fantastic legs with great calves.
She was sitting perched on a high wooden stool, and a guy was busy tying her arms behind her, rather tight, elbows touching, which made her sit even more rigid. What made the scene even more fascinating was that she underwent everything rather stoic. I downloaded it.

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Badhul Khani

CP tickled-behemoth 05-11-2019
Hello again! Over the years, I have frequently returned to a fantasy storyline about the Badul Khani, an Amazonian army tribe. They lived on the planes, and fought rural battles with neighboring tribes, mainly over land, sometimes for revenge. Whatever they lacked in strength fighting some male tribes, they made up for through superior strategies.

But at one point, they had overplayed their hand, as they roamed far from their own territory in an effort to take the capital, Carrandolan. The royal guard, wielding weapons the Badhul Khani didn't even know existed, with some magic on top, butchered their ranks. The survivors were taken captive and thrown into the dungeons of the sadistic ward, Duhl Sharkan.

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AA revisited

CP 000_35 04-22-2019

Hello everyone! I have been creating comics for about forty years by now, and there always has been this pendulum effect. I would start a story and, as I was making it up as I went along, it became very long. Examples of these comics are titles as The Secret of the Dome, Soirée and The Debt. And every time I finished one of those, I had become so fed up with working on the same thing for so long, I vowed to never do a large story again, and I would revert to making short comics, usually six pages long, like The Late Show, Behind the Scenes and Playing along.

But, you guessed it: after a couple of these, I started to feel too restricted and back to the longer story it was! As I said, this went on for forty years, and the reason we set up the New Short Comics page is also because of the swing of the pendulum.
Only this time, I hadn't even finished the larger comic I was working on. Frankly, there were two of them, and you can find them both under New, in New Comics.
They are Amazon Army and IDTSMD, both of them unfinished torso's. And because at the moment, after having made a couple of new short comics, I feel inclined to paint with a bigger brush once more I thought: why not finish one of those? For this, I have chosen the AA comic, so, after five years, we are finally going to see how the confrontation between the Amazons and Casanova will play itself out.

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