Celebrating artists before Bishop 2

09-22-2021 indian-bb
One thing I like about Mario's work is his inventiveness. Although we only have a few examples of that, due to his very small body of work, I think it is important to point them out.

The first example is the one where the model's arms aren't necessarily tied behind them, but they are forced to keep them there just the same, in order not to strangle themselves. It reminds me a bit of the strapless ball gag from Bishop, where the women are forced to gag themselves ( I've done an editorial on that also).

Speaking of gags, I have never encountered this very special design anywhere else. It is a gag as part of a collar but in a very unique way.

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Celebrating artists Before Bishop.

CP 000_47 08-23-2021
Hello everyone! Having concluded my series on Robert Bishop, I would like to continue with a few articles about some artists that came before him. Some of them will be household names, others will be lesser-known, but I find them all interesting in their own ways.

I'm starting off with an artist about who virtually nothing is known. But because I want to concentrate on the work and not so much on his personal history, that isn't a problem. We only know him as Mario, and he put out a rather small body of work in the years 1954 and1955. His complete oeuvre can be found compiled in one of the Bélier Press books from the '70s.

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CP cl18 07-24-2021

Welcome back, everybody! During the vacation, I came across a site that was dedicated to an erotic subject I wasn't aware of: the Shrunken (or Shrinking) Woman. This is all about small women, but not in the form of actual little persons, but as normal-sized women who are diminished in size by magic or science. I must admit, after looking at some of the material, I thought it had a certain appeal and I decided to try my hand on it with some combi-pages, just for fun. If you're interested you can find them on the Public Work page. There's also one in the Gifs.

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Double work

CP 000_46 06-21-2021
Hello again,
I'm not the most organized person in the world, so this was bound to happen. As you may know, I have started to breathe new life into the line drawings I use as a basis for computer rendering, by working them out in pen and ink. Not only is this a good exercise, but it also produces kind of a new, different work.
Lately, I tried my hand on one of those line drawings again and although I had searched all maps on my recorder and had come up empty, a nagging little voice in my head kept telling me I had already done that one. But as I couldn't find it, I just started to work on the page. It took me about three hours, and I filed it away in my black and white folder as number 247.
Of course, a week later I was rummaging through some of my physical, non-digital pages at my desk, and sure enough: there it was again. I had just forgotten to file it the first time. Oh well...


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