Mistakes and fixes

CP 000_40 08-04-2020

Hi everyone. As many of you may know, lately I have been doing a lot of pen-and-ink work, and I really like it. It is a whole different way of working, almost like meditating while your cross-hatching and filling up larger areas with bigger markers. It does also have its setbacks, however. The larger one being: if you've made a mistake, there's no way back. And here is an example of that. You see, I haven't been doing stuff like this regularly for years, but the funny thing is: when you take something up again after a long time, in some strange way you do have new insights. I realize now more than before for instance how important deep black shapes are in pieces like this. Now, in this particular drawing, with the rendering, I worked from the bottom upwards.

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Touch ups and the likes

CP wett 07-14-2020
Hello everyone! For the last few months, I have been publishing the comic The secret of the Dome' on my Patreon page. I don't know exactly how old that comic is, but at least a few decades. It is also quite long, about a hundred pages. It was also made under a certain pressure. Originally, it was published in the form of six-page mini-strips, that all had to be ready at a certain release date of the magazine they were going to be apart of. And although I hate to admit it, in the later pages, it was starting to show.

The pressure was there, the story started to drag along a bit, and of course, I was so much younger and less skilled. Apart from that, it was all done in the old fashioned airbrush manner, with frisket film, scalpels, ink, etc. Frankly, for a comic page, that's tedious.

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Early memories 2

CP 000_39 06-22-2020 A few years later, I may have been about eight or nine years old I was leafing through one of my parents coffee table books. (We had moved to our own house at the time. ) It had a lot of photographs in it, and although I could read from a relatively early age, I have always been very much visually oriëntated.

I was just going back and forth through the pages, just randomly, looking at the pictures, reading small titbits, just enjoying myself. And then, all of a sudden there was this other image that sent these strange electrifying feelings through me.

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Early memories

CP lo19
Lately, I have been trying to trace back for how long BDSM has been my sexual orientation, and I concluded that it goes back a long, long way. Back to my early childhood I would say, and I have two images to prove that. The first one is a tryptic from Lucas van Leyden, called The Last Judgement. My grandparents had a very small reproduction of it, and my grandfather, who at one time worked as a picture framer, had provided it with a wooden background that followed the outer lining of the painting. It stood right next to the telephone, on a low cupboard in a corner of the living room.


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