Behind the door again

05-17-2023 0257-f_0
Hello everyone! We're back, and this time you can find updates in New, the Sketch-page, Luna, the Combi-page, and Black and White! Apart from that there are two new comic pages from the 'Tell us what to Do comic' which is now finally at its proper place: you can find it under New Short Comics, under New. And last but not least, there is the first part of a new story under New, written by our good friend Charles Spencer. He has been the author of the follow-up story to one of our best-selling books "Keeping it behind the front door". And now he's going back to the story of David and Mrs. Goodman, some years later... We hope you will enjoy all of it,

until next time,

Oh yeah, and there is one new Gif. Bye!

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