Third career for Mrs. Wilson?

CP 000_38 04-15-2020
Hello everyone! Please go check out our latest book. It's called 'If only looks could kill 2' and it consists of an anthology of helpless glaring, fuming models. Also, there is a new story under New, from the world of Gerald and Mrs. Wilson. It seems that he and Mrs. Wilson are prepping her for yet another career change. Find out all about it!
There are more updates in New, the Sketch page, the Gif's, Lunagirl and the Combi page. And on the Black and white page.

Enjoy, until next time!


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B&W updates

CP 010 03-02-2020
Hello again! This time there will be a little novelty: from now on we're going to update the Black and white page directly. That has to do with the fact that I recently re-discovered my old pen and ink technique, and I very much enjoy working that way. So there will be regular updates in B&W from now on. Some will be new renderings of previous designs, others will be totally new. I hope you will like them!


Updates in New, the Sketchpage, the Gifs and the Combipage. And there is a new short story also under New.

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