Lost and found

6-1-2014Uninvited guest bCP
This time, in New, we are making an exception: three drawings which aren't new, far from it, but which had been lost between the old and the new site. A few days ago, Coco lamented the loss of a drawing he was sure he had once made, as part of a larger series, based on a fantasy theme. Not only did we find this one back, but also two others, which completed the series!
We have re-united all eight of them and moved them to the front of the Black and White pages.


Ordinary women

CPnose s5-26-2014
One of my favorite types to draw in bondage is that of the ordinary woman. Because I think that adds so much to the realistic feel of a drawing. It gives you the idea this could actually be happening, more than when all your victims look like film stars or models.

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Combi page explained

0004 5-20-2014
In the menu, we brought back what we think was a fun section: the Combination Page. COCO explains:


"In the old days, a whole page was always fully sketched out and then rendered, so the finished piece was the same as the penciled version: same format, same situation, same figures etc. But for the last, say, ten years this has dramatically changed. Although I still do full blown pages from time to time, more often, I draw and work out the background and the respective figures separately, composing the finished piece as a final phase.

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