Male Bondage

Over the years I've had numerous requests to make some drawings of men in bondage. Although my own preferences are toward female subs, I have occasionally given it a try. And so I can now offer you a small collection which has accumulated over the last few years; new in the shop: Male Bondage 1!
Although it may not be for everyone, it has been made for at least some sort of public demand.By the way, the covers in this collection are, as usually fake: they cover non existing magazines.
Well, I'm curious if there will be any takers; anyway, here's to all those ladies who's pleas have fallen on deaf ears for so long!



Juvenile Domination

Tabula Rasa 0000 sCP5-14-2014

Two more books in the store for you: Tabula Rasa vol.1, which contains the first three episodes of this comic, about the mind erasers and the adventures of Miss Kabongo, June Nash and others.

And in the Anthology Series there's the first issue of a sister publication to the Mature Women title: Juvenile Domination 1, about grown-up women who are being totally controlled by minors. In the near future, under this title a couple of story line based issues will also be published;keep your eye on the shelves...



In New, you can find a cover that I made for MTJ publishing, and in the coming update, I would like to show you how that was composed in a new Workfloor page...


Mature (and beyond…)

Today, we present a new Anthology series, for which we have high hopes, because it addresses A Major Buzz in the erotic art world of lately!
'Mature women tied up' is all about mature, and even elderly ladies in bondage, a subject regularly covered by Coco.
We're going to publish multiple volumes in this series, and we can also announce the appearance of a sister title, about 'mature dominated by youth'...
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Lost Amazon

14 In the previous post it was mentioned that we still keep discovering old drawings and how we keep adding them, re-arranging our pages from time to time, but unfortunately, the opposite also happens: things get lost.
In the nineties I made a small series, with fantasy figures, like this captive amazon. Other titles were Herd of Amazons and from Princess to slave. And I am sure there was a fourth one, showing a woman with her back to the viewer (tied up, of course) standing cross legged and crouched over, facing a hooded archer, slumped in a chair. It was called Uninvited Guest, or something like that. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Because I can't find it for the life of me. (Oh well, I guess I'll just have to delve through my old xeroxes, to see if I can scan it in again.)


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