“Awkward” Covers

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Hello again! This time, in the Shop, we presented two new books in the Anthology Series. In the (fake) Covers section you can find the Embarrassment series, and the Erotic Novel Series. Both are concerned with women in all type of awkward, embarrassing situations. All in full color; go check them out!


Two new Lenoir pages.

LO Kitchen sCP6-5-2014
This time, in the Shop, not only a new book, but a whole new category: Tickling! In the Anthology Series we present the first title: Tied and Tickled Silly. Also, we found two Lenoir illustrations that never made it to the site, old or new! We've placed them at the very beginning of the Lenoir section. A bit more about the Lenoir series from Coco:

"There's a reason why the Lenoir illo's are put apart in their own section. I've been making bondage art for over forty years now, first as a youngster, to entertain myself. Later on, I started publishing some of my work, and even later still, it became my sole profession. And solo profession: I always worked on my own, drawing only what fancied me. Until, in the nineties, I met Claude Lenoir, and started to illustrate his stories.


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Lost and found

6-1-2014Uninvited guest bCP
This time, in New, we are making an exception: three drawings which aren't new, far from it, but which had been lost between the old and the new site. A few days ago, Coco lamented the loss of a drawing he was sure he had once made, as part of a larger series, based on a fantasy theme. Not only did we find this one back, but also two others, which completed the series!
We have re-united all eight of them and moved them to the front of the Black and White pages.