Bondage experiment

Downloading that second series of pics took longer than he had expected. He looked at the time, in the lower right corner of the screen. About two minutes left unto the next inspection. Hopefully, uploading to the site would run more smoothly, in two days. He put on the mask, grabbed his camera and made his way to the basement again.
This time, he had kept the bondage to a minimum. Inescapable, but simple. Just two shackles around the ankles, one connected to the ceiling, and the other to the floor, her arms and hands, however, were completely free, and he was curious about how that might contribute to her behavior. Less afraid, maybe? Perhaps she would dare him to fight her? He pushed down the handle and, with some effort, pulled open the heavy, three inches thick, padded door.
"Well well, look who's back! Need to take more pictures of me? "
 She seemed unimpressed by her predicament. Fascinating! Beneath the mask, he smiled. With her free right hand, she tried to preserve what little dignity she had left, pulling her skirt over her crotch.

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Maid of the house

After the boys had all taken a turn at her, they finally left. Theresa stayed behind on the bed of the master bedroom, soar, devastated and exhausted. In the end, she had had no strength to fight anymore and had just endured the ordeal. Above all, breathing had become a problem, her head encased in the thick, burlap sack, tied off around her neck.

With difficulty, she sat up, her arms still tied behind her back, with plasticuffs around her wrists and elbows. Blind and without the use of her hands it would be impossible to locate her mobile in the mess the boys had made. She had heard them overthrowing furniture, emptying cupboards, looking for money and valuables all through the house.

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Well Irene, I'm sure you're very upset to hear that nurse Nicole is now in the hospital with her right arm fractured in three places! And for what?! Just because YOU didn't want her to change the channel!

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No Escape

For hours now had she been rolling around on the floor of the small, dark cell, in the deep Carrandel catacombs. Trashing about, straining her muscles to the max.
Nothing budged: the leather belt harness completely controlled her. And the belts were not even that impressive! It was infuriating: under normal circumstances, she was sure she could have busted loose. The harness had been undoubtedly magically enhanced.

Badhul Rasith was one of the greatest champions of the Badhul Kahni; her strength and speed were almost legendary. During the cowardly attack on the junior Kahnili camp, she had singlehandedly staved off five Buka thugs, unarmed, until enforcements had come to the rescue. And now here she found herself, helpless as a first season Kahnili, squirming in vain, cursing.

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