The Present

It would be a lie to state that Alicia went to work every night with a smile on her face. Most call girls don't, not even those from a topnotch service like the one she was working for. But this night she did. First of all, she knew what to expect: she had served this client three times already. Second: he was a real looker, who really took care of himself, and he was nice. Third: he was into light bondage play, nothing drastic or extreme. And lastly: she was guaranteed to get off, most certainly once, and very likely multiple times. AND the money was good!

They started of a little different this time. He presented a very large polka dotted scarf, almost like a small blanket, red and white. He tied around her waist and finished of with a large bow tie at the small of her back. "You're making me feel like a birthday present!", Alicia remarked. He said nothing, just smiled, and proceeded with the bondage proper.

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Tommy ‘Toads’ victory

Kendra was fuming! AND laughing her head off at the same time. Not that there was anything even slightly funny about the whole situation, though.

About an hour ago, she and Val had been sitting at her friends room, in silence, being bored stiff. Eventually, Val had proposed to do a little bondage, take some pictures and put them on the net. Unrecognizable of course, just to see what kind of weirdo's they could attract. They had done so before, and the reactions had been hilarious, from time to time.
Some fifteen minutes later Kendra was sitting on the bed, her hands tied, not uncomfortably, at the small of her back, her wrist connected to a simple rope harness. Valerie had left the house, pretending she wanted to buy a few beers before they started, but Kendra knew better. Sure, she would get the beers, but that was not what this was about. Valerie loved to leave her like this! It gave her a tremendous kick, to freely walk the street, while her friend was sitting back home helpless, with nothing to do than wait for her to return.

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Assisting the magician

"I bet you all know what this is!" The magician held up a straight jacket, causing a stir among the seventh graders in the auditorium of Iphigénie Gaillard Junior High School. He definitely had their attention now.

"Now, I'm going to need a volunteer here; Mrs. Green, would you be so kind?" All eyes turned to the principal, as she got up from her front row seat, and proceeded to the apron.

"Welcome to the stage! Kids, a hand for my new assistant, please!"
A storm of applause, with cheering on top of it. The anticipation was almost tangible, as he held up the jacket in front of her, and started to instruct her.
As she stood with her arms in the elongated sleeves, he started to buckle the belts at the back. She looked over her shoulder, with a nervous smile, trying not to pay attention to the growing commotion in the hall.

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The Bet

It was their eighteenth annual get together, and as always, all six of them marveled at how they succeeded on making this happen every year. Three married couples, each member sporting a scientific career, conferences all over the world, constant travelling, and STILL they managed to organize ONE weekend a year where they, as former fellow students came together.
It was ALSO the last evening of the weekend, in which the atmosphere usually became even more lose, even a bit raunchy at times. And then, like always, it was betting time!

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