The Frog bench

Finally, the door bell rang. He had to keep himself from running, letting it ring once more. Then he opened the door, and again, he had to take hold of himself. She was huge!

Alright, that was just as he had specified in the phone call, but seeing her in the flesh was something else. She was wearing a short, white mini dress and white high heels, which accentuated a pair of diamond shaped calves. Those led up to her sweeping, bulging thighs. She had a particularly tiny waist, and small breasts (oh well, you can't have everything). Two massive shoulders beneath a surprisingly delicate face, which was crowned with a fountain of
long, blond strands of hair, streaming down right to her shoulder blades.

He took it all in for two seconds, and then regained his composure. Still, he had the feeling that she had noticed his initial reaction and had taken it for granted. Without waiting for further invitations, she entered the hall."Hello handsome! Please be a good boy and show me where I can change?" "You assume to much!", he thought, and chuckled. But for the moment he directed her to one of the bedrooms. He himself returned to the living room, full of anticipation.

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The Houdini Contest

Initially, she had had her doubts when one of the boys suggested they would hold a 'Houdini contest', but as she got to see how innocent the game actually was, she relaxed. Amused, she watched how the teenagers, one after the other fought and struggled to escape the, mostly inadequate bondage's inflicted upon them by their class-mates. Her son Philip got to tie up a boy named Hank, but he did such a sloppy job; Hank easily broke the record for the fastest escape of the afternoon.

Now it was Hank's turn to pick a victim. And to everyone's surprise he chose... Mrs. Beaumont! Whether she liked it or not, amid great hilarity, Philip's mother had to follow Hank to one of the straight chairs in the dining room, and sit down. Now, as the rules prescribed the other kids went down the hall to wait for Hank to call them back in again, to witness the escape
attempt of his friend's mother. He took his time, but finally, he called them in. Laughing and joking they entered the dining room, but as soon as they turned their eyes to Mrs. Beaumont, you could hear a pin drop.

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The friendly neighbour

Gingerly, Joan lowered her naked behind onto the cold leather of the couch.
The bondage holding her was simple but effective: arms behind the back, wrists together, elbows not quite touching but firmly bound, and a few strands of rope around her torso. Her mouth was filled with a rubber ball and taped shut.

This was Jeremy's kick: tying her up and leaving her to do some shopping, knowing for sure that she would be exactly where he had left her upon his return. The leather creaked beneath her buttocks as she changed position, testing her bonds once more. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. A long silence, and then again. Surely, whoever it was would be on his way again, now?

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Pas de Deux

At 11.00 AM sharp, using her own key, Amelia Perry entered her next door neighbors apartment. Closing the door behind her she already started the conversation. "I was at the mall just now, and..." The fact that she didn't smell fresh coffee should have been a warning, but it wasn't. As she entered the living room she was stopped dead in her tracks.

Mrs. Drummond was sitting in a squatting position in the middle of the room, her legs spread wide, her hands in her neck. She was stark naked, and breathing heavily from the straining posture. Towering over her was a hooded man, pointing a small gun at her head. To the side stood another man, apparently taking pictures of the scene. Mrs. Perry just stood there, frozen.
"Brenda, what on earth..."

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