The Rookie

Constance stood quietly, leaning against the back wall of the cell, regarding her younger colleague. Good heaven, that girl had so much to learn yet! All that thrashing about, the fighting and squirming would get her nowhere. These straight jackets were well-known to be inescapable. If she had paid attention in class during the lessons about restraints she would have known that and, possibly, saved her energy.

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Facing the wall

Facing the wall.

Mrs. B. was a strong, fit woman in her late forties. College-educated, with a degree in mathematics, and very sportive.
She and her husband loved biking, walking in the mountains, and swimming.

And bondage!

They had been playing bondage games for over two decades now, and after all this time she was an open book to him.
She was sure he was well aware of her preferences and reservations. And she was pretty sure that he had known that this was one of the punishments she hated the most!

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After Hours

Her shift was over. Deaf and blind as she was, she could still feel the vibrations in the floor from the cleaning machine, coming to and fro. Apart from that, she hadn't been prodded, felt up, or tickled for at least ten minutes she estimated. So why was she still standing as a helpless table ornament? The vibrations came closer again. They seemed to remain stationary right near her table and indeed: she felt some prodding and tugging on the sides of her head, and the blindfold came off.

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Rogue Mission


"No June! There is no way I'm signing off on this. You're not going there!"

"But Sir: if only ten percent of the rumors are true, and these atrocities are taking place on our soil..."

"That's just it, agent Penn: it isn't our soil! That complex functions as an embassy. It is actually on Tahrula ground, and we have no jurisdiction there whatsoever!"


"Welcome to Tahrul, Miss Penn! Later on, we will gladly answer a few of your questions about our facilities. Not all of them perhaps, but a few for sure. But first of all, you'll need to go through our safety procedures. They are very strict and some might say extreme, but we are after all a small vulnerable enclave within your beautiful country and we have to be very, very cautious! Now please stand up straight with your arms stretched to the side, please."

He started patting her down, leaving no part of her body unchecked. This had happened to her on many occasions, and although, like always, her breasts and buttocks weren't excluded, he did not linger. Just part of the job, it seemed. She felt a little relieved, taking into account the stories she had heard about this place.

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