High School Victory

Ally Gradenko made her way through the corridors of the school, from her changing room to the gymnastics hall. She shivered. The time being 9.00 PM, the heating had been turned off in most parts of the building and all though it was summer, the sun's warmth hadn't lingered this deep in the passage ways. Of course, the fact that she was in her two piece athletic costume didn't help, either. But it had been part of the deal. The deal. Why in heavens name had she ever agreed to it?! Well... she knew why.

"I am telling you now: if you win these games, then..." "Then we can tie you up!" That had been Tyler, one of the sweetest, most innocent boys of the entire class, and the rest of the boys had immediately turned on him, calling him a pervert, an idiot and worse. She knew, of course, that all of them ninth graders were to some extend in love with her, if that's what you would like to call it, but their objections brought to mind that famous line: 'I think, thou protests too much!' She had felt it her duty to come to Tyler's rescue, and what the *: they weren't going to win anyway! "OK Tyler, you have yourself a deal!" There had been a short, electrified silence. And then, all the leopards started showing their spots. "In straight jacket and...", "At brought day light!", "Crawling to...". But it had been Tyler's voice again who said: "OK, and you have to wear your sprint outfit!"

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"Hey, I didn't know you were into gerontophilia! Nice! Who is the old chick?"

A lot of them were one night stands, but Rachel had become something of a regular, and she was a delight to play with. Also, she had found out about the camera's, and she didn't mind at all. Roland really took to her; actually, she was the closest thing to a girlfriend he had ever had, he thought. AND she wasn't easily unnerved. She stared at the pictures he had left lying on his desk. Unable to pick them up, she had to walk this way and that around the desk to view them properly, stumbling on her ballet boots.

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A Citizen’s Duty

Hot.Very hot. And noise, a lot of noise. Slowly, her senses started to come back. It was like her panties had balled up between her legs in a most uncomfortable way. And there was something in her mouth, something big. She tried to reach for it, and found out that she couldn't. That jump started her awareness! She was in a straight jacket! With a muffled groan, she tried to sit up. Apart from the jacket, she was naked! What the hell was going on here?!

"Good evening, Mr.... Zemlinsky, I understand you called an ambulance for our colleague earlier this evening?" "Yeah yeah, I did. I heard shots, and went to see what was going on. And there he was, bleeding like... Did he make it?" "No Sir, I'm afraid he died on his way to the hospital... Could you please step out and close the door a bit, Sir? I can hardly hear myself talking!" "Oh, that's my boiler I'm afraid. Must have the damned thing fixed... He didn't make it, you say? Poor devil!"

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The Present

It would be a lie to state that Alicia went to work every night with a smile on her face. Most call girls don't, not even those from a topnotch service like the one she was working for. But this night she did. First of all, she knew what to expect: she had served this client three times already. Second: he was a real looker, who really took care of himself, and he was nice. Third: he was into light bondage play, nothing drastic or extreme. And lastly: she was guaranteed to get off, most certainly once, and very likely multiple times. AND the money was good!

They started of a little different this time. He presented a very large polka dotted scarf, almost like a small blanket, red and white. He tied around her waist and finished of with a large bow tie at the small of her back. "You're making me feel like a birthday present!", Alicia remarked. He said nothing, just smiled, and proceeded with the bondage proper.

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