The cuff pole

Back in the attic, in his studio, he began the completion of the torture audio file. First, he listened back the part he had already recorded. Even at a very low volume, it was quite disturbing. It started with his fingernails scraping over an old school board, multiplied five times. After three minutes of that, the sirens all of a sudden started to wail, high pitched and ear piercing, followed by the sound of a baby crying at the top of its lungs. Then a lull, after whicht he message was presented, in his own voice.

"Mrs. Pearse, on the wall, beside the door you can find a little drawing depicting what I want you to do. Please copy the image as best as you can. And don't forget to put the gag in first. As soon as you are in position, the noise will stop..."

RP Short Stories

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