Bound bystander

CP 000_33 01-30-2019
Hello everyone! Last week, I was going through some old black and white photo's from, I think, the late sixties or early seventies. I'm guessing they were from the Kane studios.
Flipping through them on my PC, I felt a bit nostalgic. How long had I known this work? I was already buying those magazines, together with the Irving Klaw ones, and the infamous House of Milan titles, way back in the seventies. A lot of these images I had found back on the net. Some of them were new for me, but the most were familiar; I just hadn't seen them for years.

Then suddenly I came across a few I didn't know and which immediately sparked my interest. At first, I didn't even understand why: they were mediocre, showing three girls.
Two of them were tied up by the third one. And therein lay the fascination. In order to get both of her friends tied up, she had to shift her attention from one to the other, thereby leaving one of them idly standing by for a while.

But this was obviously done before the actual photoshoot. These were preparations, behind the scenes peaks, so to speak. Therefore, it felt that the girl who was waiting was standing there partly or completely tied up, for no good reason! For the moment, nobody was paying attention to her, she wasn't posing yet: her helplessness served no purpose what so ever at that particular time. It made the situation so much more demeaning.

It reminded me of a reaction from one of the fans, who had seen a drawing in which I had put the victim, an older woman, in the foreground, tied, blindfolded and gagged. In the background however you could see three teens completely absorbed by some game they were playing on a Gameboy. The reaction was: "My favorite subject: a person in bondage being completely ignored!" That hadn't been my focus as I made the drawing: I wanted to put the emphasis on the sensory deprivement aspect, the 'not knowing what was going on' feel. But after that fan had shared his (or hers) fascination with me, I could certainly see the charm of it. And I guess these photo's touched kind of the same vein for me. Having someone stand there helplessly tied up for no good reason, without anything she can do about it. Insignificant impotence. Hey, that might be a good title for a new book on the subject! Anyway, you can find my first effort in New, this time. Hope you will enjoy it!
Bye for now, Coco

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