A Stone’s portret

CP l002 02-21-2019

Welcome back! First of all, a word for our non-members, our visitors. If you go to our free page, you'll notice that the first row of drawings has been updated. The free page is organized in a way in which each row represents a different section of Coco's work (Black and white, Color, BBB, Comics etc.) In the coming five updates, these rows will be updated one by one, so please go check them out.

Furthermore, there are updates in the GIFs, New the Combi page, Lunagirl and the Sketch page. And there are two new pages in the new short comic The Institute, under New, which conclude that story.

Hi everyone, there is also a very rare update in Public Art. It has nothing to do with our favorite subject, but I thought I'd put it in any way, for the sake of completeness. It's a pencil portrait of Keith Richards, which I made for my brother in law (huge Stones fan) back in the nineties.


Until next time,


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