Badhul Khani

CP tickled-behemoth 05-11-2019
Hello again! Over the years, I have frequently returned to a fantasy storyline about the Badul Khani, an Amazonian army tribe. They lived on the planes, and fought rural battles with neighboring tribes, mainly over land, sometimes for revenge. Whatever they lacked in strength fighting some male tribes, they made up for through superior strategies.

But at one point, they had overplayed their hand, as they roamed far from their own territory in an effort to take the capital, Carrandolan. The royal guard, wielding weapons the Badhul Khani didn't even know existed, with some magic on top, butchered their ranks. The survivors were taken captive and thrown into the dungeons of the sadistic ward, Duhl Sharkan.

And now, in New, there is a story about what happened in one of the cells down there, illustrated with a combipage. This story takes place between the ones in these two pages.

bk-1 bk-2

I'm also working on a book with drawings about the defeat of the Badhul Khani. This will be a first: it will be partly anthology, but it will also have new material in it. Keep watching this space :)


Updates in New, new Short Story, the Combi page and in the Sketches. Until next time!

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