Room 234

CP cube-revised 06-07-2019

Hi there! About a year ago, late in the evening, I missed my train and I had to wait forty minutes for the next one. So I took out my phone, typed in 'Bondage' and started to scroll. After a few minutes, I came across a video that immediately grabbed my interest. It was one of those real-time bondage scenes, in which you follow the tieing up from beginning to end.

It featured a stunning model, with long dark hair and beautiful, sharp features. And fantastic legs with great calves.
She was sitting perched on a high wooden stool, and a guy was busy tying her arms behind her, rather tight, elbows touching, which made her sit even more rigid. What made the scene even more fascinating was that she underwent everything rather stoic. I downloaded it.

Back home I was determined to get that same video on my computer. But to my dismay, the vid that I had captured on my phone gave no information what so ever about its origins. I had nothing to go on. So now I was still only able to watch it on my phone, which was, by the way, a Galaxy S, the first generation, with a very tiny screen. Bummers!

But as luck would have it, a few months later I found another video, with a background that looked very much like my phone vid, and for sure: it was the same guy, working with another model. And this time, I found some information about the site (it was, from Anthony Peters)

Long story short, with some digging, I managed to find out the identity of the model of the first film. It was Chichi Medina, and I've found a whole lot more of her work. Truly, the internet is a wonderful invention!


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