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CP 111 07-24-2019

Hello again,

From time to time, an interview with Robert Bishop comes to my mind, in which he talked about differences of opinion he would have with Geoffrey Merrick, with whom he was collaborating at one time. The differences concentrated on the form of bondage Merrick would dream up in his writing, which Bishop would have to illustrate later on.

If I remember correctly, it was the writer's preference to keep things as simple as possible, having the victim stand in a languid pose, completely free save for one wrist handcuffed to an upright pole or something like that. Bishop, on the other hand, would like to use as many as gadgets as he could think of, and have her entire body lashed onto the pole from head to toes, "...if you really had to have the damned thing!"

Now the other night I was thinking where I stand myself on the subject. Frankly, I see merit in both visions. I guess it just depends on the situation. For instance, in my latest comic, Room 243, I think that having the protagonist gag and cuff herself, is as far as you can go for the sake of realism. Initially, in any case; now that she's inside anything goes, of course, and I will explore that in a later page.

In a somewhat older comic, The Institute, we have a whole other situation on our hands, where you can dive in deep immediately. Like when you place the story in a club or something. I'd say I like the whole spectrum pretty much, although I have to admit I'm not overly fond of all too intricate ties, like the Shibari ones, for instance, or asymmetric ones.


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