Put it back!

He had carried her to the classroom on the second floor. She had been heavier than he had expected, but he had managed. At location, he had placed her in a chair at the short end of the table, opposite to the large clock on the right wall of the room.

Then, he had done the tieing. This had been an excruciating job, with her unable and, had she been conscious undoubtedly unwilling, to comply in any way. For minutes, he was moving under the table, on top of it, moving around it. Tieing her ankles, lifting her legs, yanking at her arms, groping for the ropes.
When he had finished, her position looked quite relaxed, with her head resting on the table, between her forearms. But beneath the desk, almost parallel to it, her legs were stretched out in a way that predicted the torture that was to come.

RP Short Stories

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