Early triggers

08-23-2019 straightjacketted-red_0
Hi there everyone! I think I must have been something like twelve years old, maybe thirteen when I was reading these very old Flash Gordon albums. They were from the 1930s, beautifully drawn by Alex Raymond, in a kind of cinematic style. At my age at that time, the main attraction of the books was, of course, the abundance of scantily clad beautiful women. But it was also the time in which my BDSM feelings started to develop more and more.
dale Though I had had those frankly for as long as I can remember, they started to become more manifest, more focused, even though I still didn't have clue that other people had the same feelings, that there was a name for it etc. I just experienced a special tingling as I came across the image of Dale, stripped and tied to a wall.

But it was a different scene that stuck in my mind in the same book. curved-wall-cage And although I would have preferred Dale to be the victim here also, it was the nature of the confinement that intrigued me. As the villain pointed out, the design of the cage was such that the prisoner could neither stand up straight nor sit down. ewo-154 I thought that was ingenious, and I started to dabble with that idea a few years later, as my drawing skills had improved enough to handle such a subject. Even today, I'm pondering with the idea of tackling it again, as a tribute to the great Alex Raymond. Keep watching this space :)

Bye, Coco

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