The job

As she sat in the chair, reversed and kneeling, she could hear him going through the closets. He did it quietly, methodically, and even though she couldn't see him, she had the impression that the whole place wasn't turned into a mess. It just sounded as if he picked things up, and put them right back. Whenever he looked in a drawer, she heard a little rummaging, and after that, he would just slide it back.

She leaned forward a bit, trying to find some slack in her bonds. There was none. her knees and wrists were tied firmly together, and though her elbows weren't quite touching,
she couldn't move those more than an inch at the most. The worst was the rope that kept her legs doubled up beneath her, keeping her in this humiliating kneeling position. It was cutting into her upper thighs like crazy.

RP Short Stories

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