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Hi there, welcome back! This time there is a new drawing under New in which I have tried to do something that I seldom do. You see, a lot of my favorite artist like Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri, have their pencils polished up and refined by inkers before they go to the colorist. Nowadays, inking has become a profession on its own (decades ago it was more usual for artists to ink their own work), and so, Jim Lee, for instance, has formed a team with the brilliant inker Scott Williams for many many years.

Now: I can't ink. I don't have the skills. I can't any other brush than the airbrush, and even that I don't use anymore today: I make pencils, line them (more on that in another editorial soon) and they go right into Photoshop. But it has been nagging me for some time, because I think that the inking phase really gives something extra to the work. It makes it more expressive, more dramatic. Therefore I have developed a technique that resembles it a bit: before the coloring, I select various parts of the drawing that will be totally dark, and I fill them with black.

And while I think not every lay out lends itself for this way of developing, I hope to do it more often in future. I hope you'll like it!

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