Mrs. Davis crotch rope

Mrs. Davis was sitting perched on the edge of the desk, with her back to the window. Her elbows were tied behind her back, and her wrists were secured at her waist sides, with a rope that also anchored a tight crotch rope, running through her lips and buttocks up to the elbow tie. Her distinguished silver-grey coiffure had been distorted into two ridiculous little girl pigtails. With her ankles cross-tied as they were, getting off the desk wasn't an option, so she was just sitting there, biding her time. Oh well, and earning money at the same time, she mused. At the moment, she was on her own, once more. As ever once happened, Gerald was off for a few minutes, to do whatever an errand that couldn't wait.

For seven months now, she had been modeling for Gerald, and it had actually become a very pleasant working relationship, despite the age difference. Gerald had turned out to be an extremely considerate young man, and notwithstanding the nature of the shoots, she felt totally safe in his hands. At one point, she had encouraged him to call her by her first name, but he had refused, kindly but firmly, saying that it would make him feel uncomfortable.

Once again, she arched her back. Her head went up and her knees down a bit, and as she did, she could feel the ropes tighten in her private parts. She shouldn't be doing much more of that, she realized, slumping forward again. A reaction was starting to build up. She felt it in her buttocks, creeping up her lower spine, tingling... Better to just sit erect, motionless.

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