Micron pens

CP 10_0 12-23-2019
Hi everyone! A couple of months ago, I sent an old friend of my logins for my site and asked him to take a look, tell me what he thought of it. Now, him and I go way back, all the way to high school, some fifty years ago. And during the years, he was always there to have a look at my drawings. From the very first pitty full attempts during second class or something like that to the time I turned pro and started to publish. And after that, too. He has followed my whole development as an artist front row, so to speak. But in the last ten years or so, we didn't meet as frequently as we used to. He had moved to another town, and since then, we only visited each other about twice a year, and at that frequency, there is a lot more to talk about than my work.

Anyway, he did like I asked, and a couple of days later, I received a mail from him. He liked the site overall and had a few nice things to say about some of my latest work and my development over the years. But then he wrote something that surprised me. He told me that my Photoshop work was really nice and sometimes impressive, but what he appreciated the most was... my black and white work.

Now, these were all drawings I did in the nineties, over twenty years ago, and I haven't given them much thought lately. There are a hundred-plus pages (not counting the comic pages from the period), from a time before I had figured out how to properly yield the airbrush. So I went to take a look at them and I have to say: some of them weren't half bad. (Some were, but you'll get that with every stage in your development, I'm afraid :))

And so I decided to try my hand at this technique again, after all these years. I have to tell you: it is a totally different way of working. On the one hand, it is more stressful because you can not go back and correct mistakes. Everything has to be thought through from the beginning, and you have to get it right the first time. But on the other hand, that's just the thing that makes it less stressful, because your concentration is being ramped up so high that the whole thing almost becomes something of a form of meditation.

For this, I'm using Micron pens, 00.5 up to 08, and some Stabilo write-4-all markers, mainly F and M. You can find the result in one drawing under New, and I hope you'll like it. If you don't, don't worry: most of my future work will still be made with Photoshop and in color. Bye for now,


Updates in New, the Sketchpage, the Lunapage, the Combipage and the Gif's. And there are two new comic pages in New short comics, (Room 234), under New.

Until next time,


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