Jeremy’s awakening (a BDSM origin story)


Jeremy grew up in a small, very religious town, where everybody knew everyone. He had been involved in church life from a very young age, singing in the choir, helping to patch up the old bible books, cleaning, etc. There was no television in the house, and as an only child, his only form of entertainment was reading. He was a member of the small library in the center of the town, but the number of books he was allowed to read was so small that he was soon forced to just re-reading them. At that time, he didn't have to overlay them to one of his parents beforehand anymore. They had already inspected them all, and all he had to do was show them the titles, before going upstairs.

But unbeknown to his parents, Jeremy didn't do much reading lately.

A few weeks ago, an uncle from the city had come over to stay with them for a couple of days. For some reason, the atmosphere had been rather tense during those days, for reasons he couldn't understand, and he had been glad as their guest took his leave again. But he had become even more glad about what he had found, cleaning the guest room the day after.


That Wednesday, he was late and he hurried to the classroom. As he entered, he was already prepared for Mrs. McGinnes' disapproving glances. But it turned out differently. The whole classroom was still a bit in disarray, with the classroom teacher trying to get everybody to be quiet and sit down. As he quickly took his place, he immediately understood what all the buzz was about.

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