The Da Costa Compulsary test


As Emily finally arrived at the small parking lot, she found it packed. She wasn't surprised. After all, she was a little late, and it was the first day of the season, which meant a whole lot of new experiments were setting off today. In the end, she found a spot, quite far from the entrance of the institute, and despite her being late she didn't get out of the car right away. Instead, she leaned back into the seat, enjoying the last few minutes of the first part of Bach's solo cello suite, which she had put on repeat before leaving home.

The institute

The Bilbrew Institute for innovative testing was a semi-governmental organization, which specialized in experiments on the human mind and body that were somehow pushing a boundary. Because it was operating on the fringes of what might be considered morally acceptable, it was from the utmost importance that the voluntary nature of the tests was guaranteed and that all of the persons undergoing the experiments were doing so at their own free will. That they were being paid handsomely for their participation was not seen as a conflicting factor as such.

Now, as a volunteer, you could subscribe to different levels of tests, and there was a progressive scale of financial rewards connected to them. Basically, the more basic rights one was prepared to temporarily abstain from, the higher the reward would be. And Emily was making very good money off the institute, as she had committed herself to the highest level of participation. This meant full nudity, a possible violation of physical integrity, mild to severe experience of pain for limited periods, etc.

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