Living statue

He closed the door and chuckled.

"Finally. It's just you and me now, my dear!"

No answer. He knew she wouldn't be able to give an intelligible response, due to the ball gag, but there wasn't even a grunt. Just the rattling sounds of the restraints that she was fighting. She was standing awkwardly bent over, her neck connected to the floor and her ankles by two stiff bars. A third bar, running from her waist to her wrists kept her hands behind her back, way up in the air. She couldn't straighten up, but she wasn't able to bend over any further either. Likewise, her arms were held up in a largely fixed position. What little movement she had was mainly lateral. And useless.
Her long blond hair was hanging down, obstructing her sight, and she couldn't toss it out if her face, even for a moment.

RP Short Stories

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