Early memories

CP lo19
Lately, I have been trying to trace back for how long BDSM has been my sexual orientation, and I concluded that it goes back a long, long way. Back to my early childhood I would say, and I have two images to prove that. The first one is a tryptic from Lucas van Leyden, called The Last Judgement. My grandparents had a very small reproduction of it, and my grandfather, who at one time worked as a picture framer, had provided it with a wooden background that followed the outer lining of the painting. It stood right next to the telephone, on a low cupboard in a corner of the living room.


The first years of my life, we all lived together in my grandparents house, so I have known the painting for my whole sentient life. And I remember very well how, at three or four years old, I was fascinated by one particular scene in the tableau. It generated a feeling of excitement which I really couldn't explain, watching it over and over. This was that particular part:


Now I have to mention that in those days, I believed that person to be a woman. This was way before the Beatles showed up, and all the people with long hair were female at that time. Also, it was a very small version of the work, and you really couldn't make out the face very well. So I thought it was a woman, and I for reasons I couldn't explain that fascinated me immensely.

(To be continued)


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