Early memories 2

CP 000_39 06-22-2020 A few years later, I may have been about eight or nine years old I was leafing through one of my parents coffee table books. (We had moved to our own house at the time. ) It had a lot of photographs in it, and although I could read from a relatively early age, I have always been very much visually oriëntated.

I was just going back and forth through the pages, just randomly, looking at the pictures, reading small titbits, just enjoying myself. And then, all of a sudden there was this other image that sent these strange electrifying feelings through me.


Now, it wasn't the fact that the woman was in danger. In fact, I was happy to read that she had come off with only a minor injury (the bear was shot dead, however). No, it was the whole image of her: the position on the ground, the fact that despite those strong legs and hands she was completely overpowered. Also, the dynamic, awkward positioning of those legs and that upskirt flash, and the fact that her sense of self-preservation totally trumped her feelings of embarrassment: I was mesmerized. I kept going back to that page over and over again for weeks, even months. This was the ultimate example of what I defined as 'women in difficult situations'

Much later on, these feelings bloomed into my feelings with regards to BDSM, of course. With a few other revelations along the road, of which I may tell you about later perhaps. Suffice for now to say that I'm leaning to nature as opposed to nurture.


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