Touch ups and the likes

CP wett 07-14-2020
Hello everyone! For the last few months, I have been publishing the comic The secret of the Dome' on my Patreon page. I don't know exactly how old that comic is, but at least a few decades. It is also quite long, about a hundred pages. It was also made under a certain pressure. Originally, it was published in the form of six-page mini-strips, that all had to be ready at a certain release date of the magazine they were going to be apart of. And although I hate to admit it, in the later pages, it was starting to show.

The pressure was there, the story started to drag along a bit, and of course, I was so much younger and less skilled. Apart from that, it was all done in the old fashioned airbrush manner, with frisket film, scalpels, ink, etc. Frankly, for a comic page, that's tedious.

But anyway, like I said, during those last pages I had become a bit sloppy, and I felt I really couldn't present them like that anew on Patreon. So I decided to touch them up a bit. Nothing spectacular, just to make them look halfway decent.

touch-up-1 touch-up-2

And I really took a liking to that process! I started to do it with some of my less old work, too, like here.


Now, I don't know if it has anything to do with aging, but I go back to my older work more and more and in different ways. Sometimes just for inspiration. Or maybe to do this form of cleaning up, or I make a new black and white rendering of an old design in line. At other times I just make complete new versions of an old page, like on the butterfly pages.

But don't worry: I will keep making new, original work, too. Go check out the New page!

Wishing you all the best,


Updates in New, a new short story, also under New, the Combipage, the Giff's, the Black and white page, and the Sketchpage! Until next time!

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