The new one

5.43 PM. The interview continues. Present are inspector Amber Oakland, sergeant William Johnson and suspect Percy Dwayne Wellington. Mr. Wellington: please describe the situation and the proceedings on the afternoon we were discussing, again.

My parents were away for four days. I had given the staff a day off, so I had the mansion all to myself.

And where was this mansion situated?

Up in the mountains, near Willow Lake. I already told you that. I have already told you everything, for goodness sake!

Just humor us, Mr. Wellington. Please proceed.

I did what I always do on those occasions: I hired a few prostitutes. Just for fun. I have a large collection of bondage gear. I dress them up, blindfold them, and take them to the patio. Sometimes I think up games I want them to play, but on that evening I just watched them struggle to get free. Like I said: great fun.

Hilarious, I'm sure. The names of the women?

RP Short Stories

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