Mistakes and fixes

CP 000_40 08-04-2020

Hi everyone. As many of you may know, lately I have been doing a lot of pen-and-ink work, and I really like it. It is a whole different way of working, almost like meditating while your cross-hatching and filling up larger areas with bigger markers. It does also have its setbacks, however. The larger one being: if you've made a mistake, there's no way back. And here is an example of that. You see, I haven't been doing stuff like this regularly for years, but the funny thing is: when you take something up again after a long time, in some strange way you do have new insights. I realize now more than before for instance how important deep black shapes are in pieces like this. Now, in this particular drawing, with the rendering, I worked from the bottom upwards.

Normally, I work from the top right to the bottom left. In that way, you always have an oversight of what the piece is going to look like during the process. But this time, I was so excited about the ideas I had for the shadowing of the legs, I just started the other way around. And it did work (in my humble opinion)! It worked so well that by the time I was going to render her face I was so enamored with all those dark effects that I took it to far. I tried to remedy it, but things just went from bad to worse, and finally, I just ended up with Sinbad the Sailor.


But nowadays: thank God for photoshop! Just go look in the black and white page to see how I manage to make her look half-decent after all. Thanks for visiting, see you soon,


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