Rare Public art update

CP 000_41 08-26-2020
Hello everyone! This time, there is a rare update in the section Public art. I am excited about that because I thought I didn't have that image anymore. The funny thing is that it checks a few boxes: it's a lost and found piece, it is an 'public art' piece but it's also a bondage drawing. It is a pencil drawing, and it was made in the early eighties as part of a series of larger drawings I was working at at the time. A friend of mine had been modeling for me, and while most of the poses were mainstream, so to speak, we also did a few bondage ones. All the drawings were made for an exhibition, and the reason I thought I didn't have the image anymore was that this one was sold, together with a couple of others. But it turned out I did make a small copy of it after all. I hope you'll like it.


Updates in Gif's, New, Public art, the Sketch page and the Combi page. Also, there are two new books in the shop: The best of 2019, and Duct taped. Go have a look!


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