Like father like son, by Knudemanden


- Rats!

My outburst was not so much due to annoyance as to surprise. The swimming bath had been closed because they were chasing rats? Well, I might as well head back home then.

When I approached our house, I saw that both my parents’ car and that of my uncle and aunt were parked in the driveway. They had not gone into town then. Even if it was daylight, I happened to notice that the lights were on in the basement. That was strange, because our basement is a mess, and nobody ever goes down there. We have often enough talked about restructuring it for some useful purpose. But nothing has come of it. My curiosity had been aroused, so I went to take a look through the window. And I got a shock!

In the middle of the room, my mom and aunt were standing! They both had their arms tied behind their backs! Rope around their wrists and above the elbows! And their mouths and eyes were covered with some black stuff! Was it tape?

My immediate reaction was that we’d been burgled, and I was on the brink of calling the cops. But something stopped me. Because, where were my dad and uncle? Our house isn’t exactly a palace, so their whereabouts were easily established by peeping through the windows of the ground floor. They were sitting cozily talking in our living room, each with a can of beer in his hand. This could mean only one thing. That dad and uncle Willy had tied up mom and aunt Ann and placed them in the basement. But what for? I had to find out!

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