Like father like son, part three

By Knudemanden

Mom was again standing in the basement. But this time, I was in control. I slapped her. If I hadn’t had a hard-on already, that slap surely would have given me one.

- Where do you keep the equipment?

- It’s … it’s in that drawer, mom stammered while making an attempt of pointing with her hand from behind her back. I pulled out the drawer. It contained everything you would need for a merry evening: Rope, handcuffs, rolls of duct tape, ball-gags. I liked what I had seen previously, so I picked up a roll of black duct tape. I cut off a suitable piece and placed it over mom’s eyes. But when I was about to cut off another piece for her mouth, I came to think of the ball-gags. I wanted mom to chew on one of those!

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