Drone attack

At 2.15 in the morning, he parked the van in the parking lot at the back of the hotel. Hotels were a good hunting ground. He dimmed the lights and got out of the driver's seat. In the back of the van, he switched on the screens and sat down. He studied the surroundings, using his car cams. Nothing moved. He opened the top hatch and sent the drone up. As he went to visuals he saw it climbing higher and higher, until it had reached roof level. He sent it over the hotel, to a position above the facade and let it hover for a while.

As he waited for another minute, the familiar excitement began to grow! What would he be able to harvest tonight?! In any case, he would have to be on edge, able to navigate fast and swiftly. Because although he had cloaked the address of the drone pretty well, there was always the probability of some guy shooting it down on sight.

Most of the time, it had to be an operation of a few minutes, tops. He would always analyze the footage later on, and a couple of times he had hit the jackpot. He had captured some undressing scenes and some after-shower ones. On top of that a whole lot of intercourse scenarios, and somewhere in July last year a complete orgy!

RP Short Stories

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