Pretzel Bondage


Welcome back! This time, there are updates in New, the Sketch page, the Combipage and Black and White. And inder New, there's a new short story. Also check out our latest book Pretzel Bondage 1, in the shop!

Hello everyone! I would like to let you know: in New, I added one drawing that isn't really all that new. It's actually quite old, and I can't even remember how old. Here's the thing. Last month I decided to clean up my studio, rearranging some things, etc. As a part of that process, these boxes came up, filled with hundreds of sketches, some over thirty yeas old or more. Now, to be honest, you have to take the term 'sketches' with a grain of salt: many of those pages had only a few very rudimentary figures on them, almost like stick figures. Those had been made just to hold on to a certain idea or some invention I came up with. Other pencils had almost completely faded away over the years.

This was all the result of the way I worked when I was younger: if I thought the piece I was working on didn't go in the right direction, I wouldn't take time and erase what wasn't working: I would simply toss it aside (to preserve the initial idea) and I would simply start afresh on a new page, trying to get it right.

(These days, I do a lot more erasing, staying on the page. Also, I do a lot of double or triple lining in a pencil sketch, waiting to pick the right flow for the finished product)


But then all of a sudden this page popped up. It was kind of surprising because I usually didn't go this far into rendering a sketch before dismissing it. So I decided to render it, and in New you can find out how that worked out.

Bye for now, and thank you for your support,


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