Taking pics at the fair.

It was 4.00 PM, as Marcus arrived at the fairground. He bought himself some popcorn and started roaming around. As a photographer, he wasn't interested in participating in any of the activities. As a photographer, Marcus was interested in people. Well, not of all kinds. He didn't have an eye for all the cheerful children all around him, enjoying the numerous attractions of the fair. No, as a photographer he was looking for a very specific subject. And experience had taught him, that this chosen time slot would provide him with the best opportunities.

It had taught him a lot more, too. Many years ago, when he first started hunting, he had hung around from the very first minutes up until closure time. He had had two cameras with him, and at first, people had been friendly, expecting him to make some kind of positive article about the fair. But over the hours the atmosphere had changed, and when he finally was caught redhanded, he was beaten up by a very angry husband.

RP Short Stories

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