The escape

He looked in the rearview mirror. Darkness. No lights, no pursuit. Still, he turned off his own lights and killed the engine ten yards before the driveway, just letting the car roll out. Taking the turn to the right slowed him down a bit, but he was sure he had enough velocity to make it to the side entrance of the mansion. And indeed he had to pump the breaks as he arrived, in silence and darkness.

He couldn't believe how bad things had changed for him. Having Mallory and that black ninja bitch of his on his back. They had been chasing him through all of three states, and it had taken all of his experience and his whole bag of tricks to stay ahead of them.

But now he had reached the mansion! That would serve as some protection. Even those two wouldn't risk any direct action against Don Leo and his small army! But then again, they weren't always relying on direct action all of the time. Especially her! That woman seemed to be able to pop out of thin air, wherever you were. She would take you out, and you would wake up at a much worse place. Still, he felt a little reassured as he entered through the side entrance, hidden away in the dark.

RP Short Stories

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