City Fixers: the stakes go up!

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City Fixers: the stakes go up!

The first season of City Fixers could be qualified as a mild success. The series about detectives Patton and McAllen had a steady rating of around 60% all through the season. Nothing to sneeze on for the first run of a fairly conventional buddy-cop series. But with the streaming of episode one from season two, the ratings went through the roof, reaching as high as 93%!

At the beginning of the episode, we start in a dark, seemingly empty room. We're in a basement or an abandoned house, apparently. Far away, on the left side of the screen, we can see something hanging from the ceiling, an oblong form. It's moving slightly and as the camera nears we start hearing muffled noises, grunting and heavy breathing. And then all of a sudden the lights come on, and despite the bizarre situation, the faithful followers of the show will instantly recognize her!

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