Double work

CP 000_46 06-21-2021
Hello again,
I'm not the most organized person in the world, so this was bound to happen. As you may know, I have started to breathe new life into the line drawings I use as a basis for computer rendering, by working them out in pen and ink. Not only is this a good exercise, but it also produces kind of a new, different work.
Lately, I tried my hand on one of those line drawings again and although I had searched all maps on my recorder and had come up empty, a nagging little voice in my head kept telling me I had already done that one. But as I couldn't find it, I just started to work on the page. It took me about three hours, and I filed it away in my black and white folder as number 247.
Of course, a week later I was rummaging through some of my physical, non-digital pages at my desk, and sure enough: there it was again. I had just forgotten to file it the first time. Oh well...


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Until next time!

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