Bondage card

There were only three cards left, and none of them would present her with an easy way out, Linda knew. With a perfect feeling for the dramatics, Peter let his right hand hovering over the cards, touching the outer right one for a moment, then drawing back again...

"Oh come on, what do you need: a drum roll? Just pick one already!"

She just wanted to be done with it but he wasn't about to be hurried into making his choice. Now he touched the middle one, already lifting it slightly... Only to switch at the last moment and picking up the right one. Still shielding it from view, he looked down in his hands.

"Oh, you're not going to like this!"

He finally flipped the card so they could read what it said. It was a bondage card and it said: Chair tie! Frankly, Linda felt a little relieved. At least it wasn't a strip card. The others reacted in different ways. Ben and Theo made no effort to hide their satisfaction, standing there with beaming smiles on their faces. She had heard Louise winch as soon as the card was turned, in female solidarity. Linda glanced at her husband who wisely showed a blank expression.

But no, she didn't feel too bad about it. They had been playing these games for years and she knew she would be perfectly safe. And apart from that: it was already clear what the procedure would be, for the most part. Like always, the final loser of the evening's games, a.k.a. she herself, would have to fulfill whatever was on the card. A small series of pictures would be taken, and those would be mailed around to every member of the club so that everyone could compile his or her favorite collection. The only thing that caused a little anxiety was not knowing how she was going to be tied up.

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