One day early

Down on her hands and knees, Mrs.Winter rocked her body back and forth through the big iron ring circling her waist and the small of her back. She would not be able to get her hips through, so much was obvious. But she wondered if she might be able to back out of it.

"I don't know, Peter... This thing doesn't feel as secure as many of the other constructs."

"We're not finished yet, Mrs. Winter. It's a one-size-fits-all device: I still have to adjust it to the size of your waist. Just a sec."

And with that, he attached a meter-long tube to the top of the wheel, with a compressed air canister on the other end. As he pressed the button the rubber band on the inside of the ring began to expand. After ten seconds her waist was firmly strapped in and she could not move back or forth any longer. She would have to remain in this position until the boys would deflate the band and remove the top half of the ring. Satisfied with the result Peter removed the tube.

"I'm going to see if Frank has finished with the camera in the other room now, Mrs. Winter. And then we can begin our shoot, OK?"

After he left, she tested her situation and found she had quite a bit of freedom. She could move her arms and legs, look around, bend down a bit. But her waist remained trapped in place at all times, bolted five inches above the floor: she wasn't going anywhere.

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