The fall

Without anyone noticing it, things progressively were getting worse. He still would entertain himself by orchestrating scenes with his parents, but they would become more and more extreme. Whereas in the old days he would be interested in them masturbating until they went insane, now it would be more about wrestling, violence, and strangulation even. All rounded off with a little sleep, and the wiping of their memory.

At the same time, his parents couldn't understand why they weren't able to keep any au pair for longer than a month. Sometimes they would resign even after a few days, always declaring that their son had been a joy to watch over, but they had received a much better offer elsewhere. And they really believed it, he would have seen to that. One would have been more fun to play with than the other, that was all.
In the end, they all left the mansion safe and sound.

Until this night.

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